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  • Carbide Systems Inc.

    Carbide Systems, Inc. is a full service supplier for engineered Tungsten Carbide products and PCD/CBN grinding wheels. Carbide Systems represents Ceratizit USA and Action Superabrasives. We also are a full service carbide scrap dealer. Carbide Systems offers the largest inventory of carbide rotary tool blanks on the West Coast.

  • Tungsten Carbide Coating - Tungsten Carbide Powder | NAS

    Tungsten Carbide Coating. National Alloy Solutions has all your carbide coating and HVOF needs. Fill out the Form to the right or just give us a call. Tungsten carbide coating and sprays have increasingly become the most preferred method for improving or salvaging components.

  • Solid Tungsten Carbide Parts by Cemanco - Cemanco

    Tungsten carbide alloys provide a long lasting, wear-resistant option and are two to three times more rigid than steel. The material is perfect for ferrous wire production and has a very high resistance to deformation and deflection and its impact resistance is as good as that of some hardened tool steels.

  • Tungsten Carbide Material Safety Data Sheet by Federal Carbide

    In addition, tungsten carbide was not irritating to either the eyes or skin and was not sensitizing to the skin in standard tests. Therefore, tungsten carbide does not appear to elicit local toxicity effects and deriving a DNEL for local effects is not necessary. PNEC. Value. PNEC aqua – freshwater

  • Solution to Carbide Wire Drawing Dies Strain

    Solution to Carbide Wire Drawing Dies Strain. ... Tungsten carbide can be used. Solving the problem of strain in the carbide wire drawing dies should be based on the basic principle of reducing wear. The following is an analysis from the aspect of the raw materials of the formed workpiece, the workpiece and the mold, and the wire drawing dies. ...

  • TUNGSTEN (soluble and insoluble) 7074

    TUNGSTEN (soluble and insoluble): METHOD 7074, Issue 2, dated 15 August 1994 - Page 3 of 3 CALIBRATION AND QUALITY CONTROL: 15. Calibrate with at least six working standards over the range 0.05 to 12 mg W per sample. a. Add known amounts of calibration stock solution to 100-mL volumetric flasks containing 10 mL 0.5 M NaOH and 10 mL 20% Na 2SO

  • Engineered Coating - Alloy Carbide Company

    Alloy Carbide Company applies one of the best tungsten carbide coatings in the United States. We have taken years of high-pressure/high temperature experience and applied it to solve various wear and corrosion problems throughout the process environment.

  • Tungsten Carbide Suppliers - Tungsten Solutions Group ...

    Tungsten Solutions Group International Your One-Stop Global Shop for Tungsten, Tungsten Carbide & Additives. Tungsten Solutions Group brings the world’s resources to your door in 24–72 hours. We partner with you to deliver W, WC, and related alloys and additives in ready-to-press and thermal spray powders—all ethically sourced from ISO ...

  • Tungsten Carbide | CoorsTek

    Tungsten Carbide (WC) is a tough, high-density ceramic often used in severe service applications. Tungsten carbides are commonly known for use in high-quality tooling inserts. Due to its high-temperature tolerance, stiffness, hardness, and flexural strength allow tungsten carbide is also used in other harsh applications like mechanical seals ...

  • The worlds carbide specialist. Offering tungsten carbide ...

    The worlds carbide specialist. Offering tungsten carbide , Ti-based products such as carbide shims, chipbreakers, drawing pellets, cold forging dies, burs, rods, strips, rings, drilling bits, wear parts and customized products.

  • Innovative Carbide-innovative solutions to tungsten ...

    Innovative Carbide delivers the highest quality tungsten carbide products, while responding to customer's needs by providing a commitment to quality, with fast quotes, complete engineering services, an exclusive no wax process and no crack edm guarantee>

  • Tungsten & Tungsten Carbide | Global Tungsten & Powders Corp.

    At Global Tungsten & Powders, we have been producing tungsten powders since the 1940’s and tungsten carbide since the 1960’s. Because of our experience we are able to manufacture tungsten and tungsten carbide powders offering the consistent purity and uniform particle size distribution demanded by manufacturers of high performance components.

  • Bonded Tungsten Carbide | CoorsTek

    bonded tungsten carbide overview. Tungsten carbide bonded to nickel or cobalt is used for its good mechanical properties and excellent thermal conductivity allowing for …

  • Tungsten Carbide from the experts. - DURIT

    Tungsten carbide is a sintered material mainly consisting of tungsten carbide and a binding agent. The main binder is usually cobalt. If the focus is on creating corrosion resistance, nickel or nickel/chromium binders are suggested.

  • Home - Hardmetal Solutions

    Hardmetal Solutions offers sub-micron tungsten carbide components for superior wear and abrasion resistance, nickel binder grades for corrosion resistance, technical ceramics for sliding and light weight applications, and diamond coatings for the ultimate wear solution, metal coatings that include boron diffusion, ion-nitriding, and nickel boron coatings for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

  • Ceratizit \ Carbide Solutions. Carbide Producer. Carbide ...

    CERATIZIT – passion and pioneering spirit for carbides. Carbide producer. Innovative carbide solutions. Pioneer developing exceptional hard material products. Global player in the carbide industry.

  • China Carbide Rod, Carbide Dies, Carbide Inserts Suppliers ...

    Marie Jay's Metal Products Co.,Limited is a professional Chinese manufacturer and supplier of metal products, mainly specializing in the design, development and production of tungsten carbide, titanium and titanium alloy products, nitinol products, molybdenum products, as well as …

  • Good Earth Tools (GET) Tungsten Carbide Crown Cutters ...

    Apr 03, 2019· Good Earth Tools engineers built and tested a wear-resistant Tungsten Carbide solution. After six months of continuous production, the facility has gone through 10 production points on the ...

  • United Die Company: Tungsten Carbide Dies and Tools

    Tungsten Carbide Tool and Die Design. Our tungsten carbide die design capabilities include state-of-the-art CAD systems, our own Drawing Die Configuration Tool, and an in-house test bench. These design tools are combined with over 60 years die design for the tooling industry to produce the highest-quality tungsten carbide tools and dies.

  • Tungsten - Wikipedia

    Tungsten's hardness and high density give it military applications in penetrating projectiles. Tungsten compounds are also often used as industrial catalysts. Tungsten is the only metal from the third transition series that is known to occur in biomolecules that are …

  • Corrosion Resistance of Tungsten Carbide Grades by Federal ...

    Federal Carbide offers a complete family of standard Ni-bonded tungsten carbide grades for applications requiring resistance to corrosion.In addition, Federal has developed numerous custom grades for use in extremely corrosive environments, in situations demanding both high toughness and corrosion resistance, and where strict food processing equipment requirements must be met.

  • Wear Resistant Tungsten Carbide Solutions - Reparex

    Tungsten Carbide Cladding – is applied in the form of solid carbide platelets either AeroTech Bonded or Brazed onto the desired protection area. Brazing offers the highest performing tungsten carbide cladded wear parts with metallurgical bond strengths in excess of 22,000 psi.

  • Tungsten carbide - Wikipedia

    Tungsten carbide (chemical formula: WC) is a chemical compound (specifically, a carbide) containing equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. In its most basic form, tungsten carbide is a fine gray powder, but it can be pressed and formed into shapes through a process called sintering for use in industrial machinery, cutting tools, abrasives, armor-piercing rounds, other tools and instruments ...

  • WES Hardmetal Engineering - WES Engineering Solutions

    WES Engineering Solutions are a UK based Engineering Solutions company; services we provide include Advanced Engineering, Hardmetal Engineering, Resistance Welding, and Design Consultation.

  • Tungsten Carbide | Penn United Technologies Inc.

    Tungsten Carbide. Tungsten carbide comes from a family of metal matrix composites commonly referred to as cemented tungsten carbide. Comprised of the elements tungsten (W) and carbon (C), tungsten carbide is further enhanced through the addition of a metallic binder such as cobalt or nickel.

  • Tungsten Carbide Solutions | Carbide Wear Parts, Saw Tips ...

    Tungsten Carbide Solutions Ltd TCS has been stocking and distributing Tungsten Carbide Saw Tips and Horseshoe Pins for about 15 years, although the company founder has been involved with the manufacture and sales of saw tips and horseshoe pins for over 30 years.

  • Product-DA_PickUp-Tungsten Carbide - micro-mechanics.com

    Tungsten Carbide Die Collets . Although replaced by rubber or high-temperature plastic tips for most high-volume applications, we design and manufacture die collets, flat-face pick-up tools, precision dispensing nozzles and customer-specific tools in tungsten carbide.

  • Wear Protection - KenCast - kennametal.com

    Various sized tungsten carbide particles are blended to create the right combination of carbide protection for a particular application. Although KenCast built a reputation on superior wear plates and rectangular bars, it continues to provide wear solutions across challenging environments.

  • About Tungsten Solutions Group - Tungsten Carbide Suppliers

    An industry leader in tungsten metal powders, alloys and additives, Tungsten Solutions Group provides everything you need to succeed. This includes world-class pricing, dependable delivery, inventory management, technical support and consulting typically available only to very large-volume customers.

  • Catalogs - Wear Solutions - Kennametal

    Wear Components & Carbide Blanks. Wear Solutions Overview; EDM Blocks; Carbide Rods, Asia Portfolio; Carbide Rods; Abrasive Blast Nozzles; Saw Tip Illustration; Saw Tip Quick Reference Catalog; Solutions for the Saw Mill Industry; Cutting Tool Blanks, Grades & Applications; Saw Tip Grade Chart; Cemented Tungsten Carbide Products; Metalforming ...

  • Alloy Carbide Company

    Experience with precision tolerances and finishes in both grinding, machining, polishing, brazing, lapping, and evaluation techniques makes Alloy Carbide Co your first choice in repairs and service work. Take advantage of our 300 years of combined experience in our work force to propel your component into the highest quality product possible.